The exposition
"Sculpture of the Southern Terraces"

The exposition “Sculpture of the Southern Terraces”

             The exposition “Sculpture of the Southern Terraces” operates in the mode of the museum exposition “Ceremonial halls of the Main Building of the Worontsov Palace” A wide staircase leads to the palace, flanked by the famous sculptures of lions – sleeping, waking and awake – made in the workshop of the Italian sculptor Bonanni.
             To the right and left of the central approach to the Alhambra, in the middle of flowerbeds, there are two cascading fountains made of white marble.From the main terrace by the rose garden you can go down to the library building. Its lower platform is a trellis, intertwined with vines, which decorate a marble fountain with two cupids. A large number of roses are planted next to the library, and above them are huge flowers of climbing tecoma. Diabase retaining walls are decorated with white marble vases.