Ticket price
The Palace of Alexander III

The price is indicated in the adult/child format.

The main exposition of the Massandra Palace I, II floors

500₽. / 300₽.

Exposition III floor of the Massandra Palace

200₽. / 100₽.

Single ticket (expositions and exposition ,
the court territory of the Massandra Palace)

700₽. / 400₽.

Tour of the court territory "Architecture, sculpture, flora of the Massandra Palace"

100₽. / 100₽.

For free categories of visitors and children from 7 to 16 years old, the price for the tour service or the use of an audio guide is 100 rubles.

Individual excursions
are conducted only by appointment (on a contractual basis).
Alexander III Palace: +7 (978) 123-10-80