Elizaveta Andreevna Worontsova-Dashkova

Since 1904, the entail passed to the eldest granddaughter of Field Marshal M.S. Worontsov on the female line, Countess Elizabeth Andreevna (nee Countess Shuvalova) (1845-1924), who since 1867 was the wife of Count Illarion Ivanovich Worontsov-Dashkov (1837-1916).

With her inherent temperament, she immediately launched an active activity to restore the Alupka estate. Furniture, paintings, and sculpture were transported to the empty palace from Odessa, St. Petersburg, and the village of Andreevsky, Vladimir province. Reconstruction of old and construction of new outbuildings has begun. The water supply and sewerage system was modernized in the estate, there was a telephone connection. Elizaveta Andreevna organized her work well and the estate even began to generate income. Rooms for rent, baths were arranged in the palace, and it was also possible to rent a plot of land from the possessions of the Worontsov-Dashkov family.

In 1905, when part of the buildings of the palace was adapted as an infirmary for officers wounded in the Japanese war, kiosks of the charitable “community of St. Eugenia”, built according to the project of S.A. Starikov, appeared in the park.

Like other ladies from high society, Elizaveta Andreevna devoted a lot of time to charitable activities. Together with her husband, who had served as Chairman of the Main Directorate of the Russian Red Cross Society since 1904, she was involved in the affairs of the society.

On February 27, 1905, Count I.I. Worontsov-Dashkov was appointed Governor of the Caucasus, commander-in-chief of the troops of the Caucasian Military District and military commander of the Caucasian Cossack troops. Elizaveta Andreevna tried to be close.

After the revolution, the Countess left for Essentuki, where most of the family soon gathered. She was later arrested and imprisoned in Pyatigorsk. During the offensive of the Volunteer Army, Worontsov-Dashkov managed to leave Russia: in April 1919, Elizaveta Andreevna and the family of the youngest daughter of Countess I. I. Sheremeteva left their Alupka Palace on one of the British ships heading for Malta.

Countess Elizabeth Andreevna Worontsova-Dashkova died in 1924 and was buried in the Wiesbaden cemetery.


Domineering, demanding and very practical, Elizaveta Andreevna managed all the affairs of her large family.

Elizaveta Andreevna Worontsova-Dashkova

Monetary donations from the Worontsov-Dashkovs went to the maintenance of the children's sanatorium of Professor A.A. Bobrov and the construction of a new church of St. Archangel Mikhail is in Alupka.