Mikhail Andreevich Shuvalov

The next heir to the entail is his brother Mikhail Andreevich (born 1847), who in 1888 was most highly commanded, as the heir to the entail estate in the family of Princes Worontsov, to attach to his surname the title, coat of arms and surname of the founder of this estate with the name “His Serene Highness Prince Worontsov, Count Shuvalov”. 

He was a retired Senate registrar. He was not married, died in 1903 and was buried at the Lazarevskoye cemetery of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra. After Mikhail’s death, the branch of the family in the male offspring was suppressed, continuing along the female lines; all possessions passed to his elder sister, Countess Elizabeth Andreevna Shuvalova.

The decision on this was made by the decision of the St. Petersburg District Court on May 1, 1904. Countess Elizabeth Andreevna, together with her husband, Count Illarion Ivanovich Vorontsov-Dashkov, became the last owner of the Worontsov heritage.


In 1888, M.A. Shuvalov received the title of His Serene Highness Prince Vorontsov. He was considered incapacitated, and a Board of Guardians was established over him, as well as over his brother Pavel at the time.

Mikhail Andreevich Shuvalov

About your personal life Mikhail Andreevich was unknown until recently, but recently there has been an allegation that M.A. Shuvalov, His Serene Highness Prince Worontsov, was married to Anna Petrovna Kozhina (1858-1932) and had three children, but these allegations require documentary evidence.